Sex Scandal Hypocrisy In The U.S.

The news media was not the whole reason Weiner had to resign. Of course most of the news media is owned by some delusional self serving people with far right leanings who directed MSM to go after Weiner. This is not the whole story however, the Democrats chose to join the group mobbing. Many did not like his progressive politics or his blunt factual way of presenting his arguments. Their excuse that he is a distraction keeping them from working on the economy is very transparent as far as I am concerned. What a ridiculous argument. The now right leaning, heavily corporate influenced Democratic Party seek to quiet any strong progressive voices. He fought against the crappy health care bill we ended up with in favor of single payer health care. This means the corporations would have been lobbying both the Republicans and the Democrats to get rid of him, after all they are the real decision makers.

This by the way, is a form of bullying and makes people sick with all friends and allies abandon the target due to fear.  They are afraid they might be next if they show any kind of spine to defend those who are unjustly attacked by bullies. Just like chickens who will peck a bleeding chicken to death they join in with the flock. Keep in mind this has an effect on those legislators who are observing that might have a skeleton in their closet, as almost everyone does (and if they don't something can be arranged). The message is cooperate or be exposed and destroyed.

Political bullying is similar to school bullying or workplace bullying. It is done by those who are very primitive in their thinking, such as, jealousy, feelings of low self esteem, and thinking they can do whatever they want to get whatever they want, along with much of their actions being based on feeling bad about themselves in the presence of a person who they feel outshines them to make them look bad. Their actions are designed to destroy the target, emotionally, financially and even to rob them of their mental health. Giving information to MSM and bloggers is the same as the typical false rumor spreading of workplace bullies. I have to wonder what might have been going on behind the scenes to lead up to this incident. Bullies find weaknesses of targets and exploit them (everyone has a weakness). We know there are some who are capable of most anything in the political world and clearly many have traits of sociopathy.

I could have respect for any politician who says all who engage in scandalous sexual behavior should resign from political positions and those who consistently say they don’t give a rat’s ass what politicians do in their own personal sex lives. This is not what happens however, the scandals are all treated differently just as defendants in court are treated according to their connections with power and money along with their ability to hire a good attorney and essentially buy justice. This situation comes from the same kind of logic used to not charge Palins with crimes or give them light sentences while others get harsh treatment by the courts. It also comes from the same thinking that allows those who engineer torture to go unpunished while punishing the immature kids who were trained to follow orders or else.


Jesse Griffin has a post on Immoral Minority about Keith Olbermann discussing the Boehner sex scandal that is emerging. This investigation and potential scandal could discredit one of the excuses the MSM, pundits and the leaders of the Democratic Party used to bully Weiner out of his congressional seat. They say his name, Weiner was part of the “distraction“. Well, I have always called Boehner, Boner (because he is one) without having any idea that was his actual nickname, as it turns out. He clearly has alcohol issues and promotes tobacco use (and delivered payoff checks from tobacco to legislators during a vote on the tobacco industry) while sitting on a high horse over everyone else’s ethics and morals.

Having seen the toll of both of these substances on health and watched people die slow miserable deaths because of them for over two decades I am disgusted by the willful ignorance of those who promote them for their own personal gain. As far as I am concerned sexting is a tiny little offense compared to promoting alcohol and tobacco. While sexting might get people into trouble with their significant other or even lead to sex addiction it does not cause the devastating health problems of alcohol and tobacco. They both lead to deaths, huge health care costs to society and in the case of alcohol destroyed lives including prison sentences. Boehner is an opportunistic con man and clearly owned by the tobacco companies. The GOP won’t go after him, except maybe some minor sanctions. They know what he is already and they made him their majority leader. Republicans and their corporate masters will gin up the MSM talk circuit to protect him. Can you imagine the flood of tears he would produce to "demonstrate" the shaming, redemption, forgiveness ritual of the Dominionists? The Democrats will not be able to summons enough scrotal material to make even one full pair in the wake of forcing Weiner out when he didn’t even have sex with the women he sexted against Boehner.

The degree of the infraction in the U.S. judicial systems depends on who you are as we have all seen, apparently this is also true of the legislative bodies. As long as you support the Dominionist cultists and ask for forgiveness you get a free pass. In other words they can do as they damn well please and then be absolved of their sins by their leaders. They distort everything about Christianity for their own purposes including their use of forgiveness as a tool to do anything they so desire. I doubt they would even ask Boner to give back his "Ten Commandments Leadership Award."

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I thought Weiner's treatment was utterly appalling, by both the media and the Democrats who immediately circled the wagons and started shooting inwards. No mention of certain Republicans who are still sitting firmly on their Senate seats, having done far worse, some of it illegal. Weiner's resignation press conference was like a public lynching.