Radiation Basics From Professor Richard Muller & More

The night I was wrongfully arrested I was listening to a physics lecture from Berkeley on line, Professor Richard Muller's Physics C10 aka Physics for Future Presidents. All of us dangerous criminals like to listen to science lectures on line. For years I couldn't listen to his lectures due to the PTSD being triggered. In these two videos from 2008 he explains radiation. This particular series is designed for non-science majors so they will have an understanding of science without having to learn the math. He relates the course to current events. In these two lectures Muller discusses what radiation is, the effects it has on the body, why some radiation is not a danger while other types are and how much radiation our bodies can tolerate.

Radium is found in brazil nuts because the roots of the Bertholletia Excelsa
tree go very far down. It's ok to eat them, but not in large amounts. We also have americium-241 in most of our smoke detectors. Potassium 40 is found in Bananas, each one has about 0.1 microsieverts of radiation. Everything has radiation, we get 0.05 microsieverts of radiation from sleeping next to someone. It is the type, amount and length of exposure that determine the safety or danger of radiation. You can check the radiation from different sources from this Radiation Dose Chart.

I would like to clarify a couple of things Professor Muller said about food. The foods he talks about being bred to have more toxins is absolutely true, but it is really the GMO foods that contain high amounts of toxins, this is why we need them to be labeled. Nearly all of the crops bred in universities over the last few decades to withstand bacterial, viral or fungal infestations have toxic chemicals that fight them and so do plants that occur naturally. Naturally occurring plants have them at lower levels generally. Heritage seeds provide food that has toxins at a level our bodies are designed to deal with as well as providing the right nutrition for humans. We have evolved so our bodies can deal with a certain amount of toxins, but when the levels become high or a toxin our bodies have no mechanism to deal with are introduced we have a problem. In plants bred for defensive chemicals there is no need to spray with pesticides or fungicides and as it turned out some of the varieties resistant to diseases are more toxic than some sprayed on chemicals are. We have no way of controlling this source of toxins in our diet unless we research the background of each variety of plant we eat. Most of us don’t do that. The reason it is much worse with GMO foods is genes don’t work by themselves they are all a part of a group or system of genes, so changing one gene can affect many processes.

There are more chemicals used on foods than just pesticides. The herbicides must be taken into account. There is research done on Glyphosates (Round Up) that show it stimulates the growth of fungus and other pathogens because it decreases the ability of plants to defend themselves and immobilizes (chelates) the nutrients in the soil so the plants can't use them. Dr. Huber recently put out a warning that he had found an unknown pathogen by electron microscopy associated with glyphosate use that was infecting both plants and animals causing detrimental problems. They believe it may be causing health problems in humans. Naturally we have had no response from the FDA or USDA. Much research is underway. I am really pissed about this because as a Master Gardener I was taught Round Up (glyphosates) was harmless and just bound with the soil eventually breaking up into natural compounds. I gave this misinformation to the public myself, this is lying by proxy using the Cooperative Extension. Monsanto has lied about nearly everything they have made and the USDA along with the FDA get all of their information directly from the corporations and just repeats whatever they tell them. They also have people inserted into the government agencies who get their products past committees and prevent consequences due to the problems they cause.

Even if we buy organic vegetables that were selected for disease resistance and have a higher level of toxins than some vegetables just being organic means the areas where they are growing were not sprayed with glyph sates and they are not GMO. No glyphosates makes it more likely the plants will be able to take up nutrients from the soil. It is the nutrients in the plants that give our bodies the ability to protect us from toxins and the damaging effects of radiation. Our food supply is poor for many reasons which is effecting the health of the population in general. Even if people eat vegetables the nutrition is decreased by the farming practices of the large growers. Eat local and eat as much organic as you can afford.

Microwaves, while being fairly innocuous have been shown to possibly alter the nutritional content of food which is why I don’t use them. I might change my mind in the future with more information. Considering all the problems with our food supply I do whatever I can to increase the nutritional components of my diet.


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Health problems are just more money for big pharma!

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This was a really educational video that I highly recommend. I hope the video stays hosted. Eye-opening and informative.