People Filled With Hate And Prejudice Is Not New, Electing Them To Office Is.

“In this country we have no other people, we are American people. Here in American it is not a question of whether we tolerate minorities, America is minorities and that means you and me.”

 Leah Burton posted this video on Facebook today by Lester and Charlie and it needs to be shared:

People in my generation and the generations before us were all taught that we are a country of immigrants and everyone is welcome and equal. In school the teachers told us how useful our differences are, we got an excellent education back then. We were taught how valuable our civil rights and democracy are. Now many of those same people are spouting off hate and paranoia using false, illogical arguments. They don't seem to even remember anything they learned in the past. When things get tough they just have to find a scapegoat to blame. It just goes to show if the Koch brothers and others have enough money to spread enough propaganda they can get people to believe what they should immediately know is a complete lie. No one can say the schools failed the older generations.

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