Al Jazeera: Discussion About Violence in the Koran and Bible Plus Western Misconceptions About Islam

“ …whenever a Muslim dog barks it is a terrorist act, but whenever a Christian lion bites…then it is a crime.“

“The degree of ignorance, not just in the media, but through the academic world, through the political world is just so stunning, it’s so complete…when the media say something which would be flat untrue it’s often not from the point of view of malice, it’s a simple genuine ignorance. ”

Al Jazeera has taken the step of discussing the violent passages from the Bible and Koran.  Then they further discuss misconceptions about Islam. I applaud them. This was a brave subject for a news show in the Middle East. Discussion is a good place to begin to dispel false information. Those who have something to gain from having the people in this country afraid of “terrorists” are using Islam as a scapegoat. Rather than look at the real reasons for anger against this country, they divert attention from the truth by demonizing a religion. The right wing news media goes right along with it, without a care for the real facts.

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