Swedish Documentary About Wikileaks/Julian Assange/Bradley Manning

I believe Julian Assange is a neurodiverse person, most likely with Aspergers. He probably also has PTSD from all he has been through in his life. As a person with Aspergers and PTSD I can see this. He has his own way of thinking, has a huge sense of justice and is always for the underdog. He writes on walls when he is thinking, for most of us it is windows. In the New Yorker last summer they had an article which described how he would stay in the same spot and work on line all night and he did not leave a room in Paris for two months. He forgets to eat and sleep. As a child he spent a great deal of time in libraries doing research. He was described by children who knew him when he was growing up as being reclusive. In Time Magazine a woman gave this statement to a reporter, "He was really deeply focused. When you have his attention, you have it 150%, but you don't keep it for very long unless you are feeding him information that he finds interesting, at a rapid pace." He studied math and physics. Because he is able to figure out things others can't he got into trouble with hacking when young and behaves in ways that piss off neurotypical people who think his motives are the same as theirs. Assange has no home just like the mathematician Paul Ardos (Very likely Aspie) who traveled between universities/conferences and everything he owned fit into one suitcase. Assange's mother is also a person who travels around a lot and is unique.

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