Obama Has Met His Enemy And It Is His Base…Those Damn Liberals.

In general, the art of government consists of taking as much money as possible from one class of citizens to give to another. Voltaire

President Obama has decided what the problem is, liberals are just not grasping the concept. We are all so stupid we just can’t understand what a great deal he made with the Republicans. If we weren’t all such morons we would just go along with the program. One of the problems with me is I eat a healthy diet and Kool-Aid is not on the menu. I wonder what Orwell would have to say about this propaganda. Then he tries to convince us that despite our observations to the contrary he is a fighting man, “Let me at `em, let me at `em.”

President Obama says he is itching for a fight with the Republicans, is he the Black Knight? "Tis but a scratch. The Black Knight always triumphs in the end...alright we'll call it a draw."

Howard Fineman:

There is not a single thing he said he would do that he has not done or tried to do? WTF!

This country was founded on compromise, that is certainly true. Compromise means both sides make concessions, not just one.

Recent developments have made me very sad and doubtful about the future of our country. But, I guess I'll still "have the satisfaction of of having a purist position..." along with being sanctimonious and feeling good about my pure intentions and how tough I am. How can he say this after we have lost so much?  Mr. President talking to people who feel betrayed the way you are is not advised.

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