Al Jazeera Story On The Future Mosque In Anchorage

They managed to find some normal people who understand our constitution to interview. Thank goodness they did not find any of those, "Obama is a Muslim and the Muslims are trying to take over the country" people.

This is the first Christmas I have felt peace and enjoyed myself since 2004 and I hope everyone else found the same. I feel comfort knowing a Mosque is being built in Alaska because sometimes I question if American freedom is real at all or just a propagandized fantasy.


Anonymous said...

What's your point? Are you pullin' a Palin? Going for the attention and creating outrage with the word "mosque"?
Good luck with that.

Celia Harrison said...

@ anonymous 12:35: The point is I am glad to have diversity and glad Al Jazeera did not show a bunch of hateful people. Outrage did not even enter the picture. I have no interest in creating problems for people building a Mosque, I want them to be welcomed. Did you watch the video?