Olberman about Joe Miller, "Is the guy that asinine?" The answer is YES Keith.

Bullying and retaliation are not unusual in Alaska. For a long time people like myself told their stories and lots of people did not believe us or thought we exaggerated. No exaggeration is necessary, the truth is frightening enough. Shutting people up is an art form for the radical right, Sarah Palin is a pass master. There is no limit to what they would do to get into power. They go to extremes to control those they see as a threat to that goal. Why would Joe Miller and Sarah Palin openly get away with retaliation and abuse in this state if it was not condoned here? Does anyone see the government doing anything? Have Joe Miller's goon squad had their licenses taken? BTW, these aggressive bullies are the kind of people often found working as corrections officers in prisons. They have little tiny penises and big issues. What do you think those knuckle draggers would have done if there were no witnesses? We can't let people like Joe Miller get anywhere near the government or our future will be ruled by lies, corruption, incompetence, abuse and those who know the truth about them will be harmed.The only option is to elect Scott McAdams our next Senator.


I would love to see the Alaska Dispatch file a civil rights lawsuit.


Albert Lewis said...

and retaliation [is] not unusual in Alaska.

Sarah Palin is a [past] master.

[Has] Joe Miller's goon squad had [its] licenses taken?

What do you think those knuckle draggers would have done if there [had been] no witnesses?

Hope this is helpful.

Anonymous said...

Immoral Majority has a post up that the goon company let their license lapse, the license that lets them provide security.
You would think as a lawyer, Joe Miller would have made sure all is as it should be.
he is screwing up time after time

Celia Harrison said...

Albert, I have Aspergers, just be thankful every sentence is not a run on that is a paragraph long.