I find Maddow’s theory that the Republican party establishment may have been blocking the more delusional people from coming forward very interesting. They have disintegrated to the point that the wingnuts are the most organized among them. It is very clear there are many who have cognitive processing issues on the right. Research has shown that those with delusions develop theories about reality based on less information than most people. This makes sense considering they come from a base who have turned their backs on education, science, and logic. We may find a conspiracy theory very interesting and think it may be the most probably scenario, but without evidence we are forced to realize we are dealing with a theory. Many on the right believe in conspiracy theories in the face of significant evidence that they are wrong, such as their theory that President Obama is a Muslim or was not born in the United States.

We all have some delusional thinking because we have had experiences which are compartmentalized or do not reflect the general truth about something in particular. A person who eats eggs and becomes ill may think eggs are an unhealthy food and never eat them again when in reality they are very healthy and the person needs to look at why those eggs in particular made them sick. We also all have distorted ways of explaining life to ourselves and much of it includes information from our culture.

In the United States we often receive false information, even from sources which should be required to tell us the truth such as corporate advertising or even our regulatory agencies. People in my age group have lived through times when most of us trusted this false information and it had negative effects on our lives. This false information contributes to delusional thinking because people use it to come to conclusions.

Have we entered a period of time when it is more difficult for people to tell truth from reality than ever before? We have been lied to on so many levels for so long from many different sources including our government. We have to try and read between the lines to sort of deduce the truth. The information we have and our experiences will shape our conclusions. If we have little information and have a belief system based on magical thinking we can come to all kinds of crazy conclusions which seem like the truth. This is magnified when those in trusted leadership roles are telling lies to politically manipulate people and the news media helps them promote those lies. It is further magnified when special interests donate millions to advertise these lies. Once conclusions are made people tend to seek out evidence confirming them and ignore contradictory evidence. This is one of the psychological factors that has helped to polarize us. This is the same kind of thinking process prosecutors and police use which causes innocent people to be falsely convicted, they cover up real evidence and manipulate lies into evidence because they believe the defendant is guilty due to some intuition.

It has been fascinating to watch a group think type of delusional thinking phenomenon growing while at the same time it is very frightening and frustrating. They have done everything they can to circumvent progress for our country. Clearly many of those with delusional thinking also make up false information about themselves which brings up some other pathological issues. They want to be in the spot light, they often are interested in financial gain and power, and large numbers have theological agendas. Nearly everything they do is anti-American, but they think they are the only real Americans. They are easily lead by wealthy donors and Karl Rove manipulator types. When the delusions get worse the more moderates in the Republican party start to take them on showing a clear lack of principles and intestinal fortitude, even a fear of not assimilating. Underhanded tactics are used against opponents along with distortions and lies. They turn their backs on their own thought processes, principles, and values to become assimilated into a group. They are very fear based and use fear to manipulate others. It is clear winning at all costs is the goal and many have sacrificed their integrity for it. Have those with integrity left the Republican party long ago? It seems the crazy and selfish are all they have left.

Why would those who are behind the Republican party or Tea Party want these delusional people to even be exposed to the public? Are the corporations exploiting mental health issues to control weak people for their interests? Are they using them to reflect attention from something else? Are the corporations destroying a political party to prevent legislation from being passed to control their ability to continue unethical business practices, control our country, destroy the middle class, the courts, and legislators. Are they just trying to disable legislators until they can find a way to get a corporate controlled president back into the White House? Are they planning to introducing a corporate controlled presidential candidate for 2012 that will seem like a relief compared to these nutty people on display now who could easily be elected?

This is very similar to how crazy maniacs get into power in third world countries. Think about how counterintelligence works in countries where the CIA has gone in to overturn the government. False information is circulated often against a false enemy such as "communism" that does not even exist there. Exploiting the fear and lies people are paid to organize others against the government they currently have causing demonstrations. A democratically elected president in a coup is removed from office and a brutal often mentally unstable person is installed in their place. He may be crazy, he may kill thousands, but he supports the corporations who want to exploit that country. This new leader brutalizes the people, steals money, is completely incompetent and the country falls apart and the powers in our country do nothing to stop him. Since they can't pull off a quick and obvious coup here they have to use psychological tactics against the population while they manipulate the delusional with money and power to be their leaders just like the CIA did in third world countries. We have to do everything in our power to stop them.

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