Yesterday Lisa Murkowski conceded to Joe Miller. I had some hope with the airing of the idiocy, greed, abuse of power, dishonesty, and elitism of someone who is clearly being backed by the Secret Team in this country, Sarah Palin, that people on the right in Alaska had wised up some. I don’t like Lisa Murkowski as a senator, she generally voted the opposite of whatever I wished for and she carries the legacy of nepotism and elitism in Alaska. The Republicans had worse and worser to choose from. My greatest fears about this state have been met because like Murkowski I was stunned that Joe Miller won. Why at this point stupidity shocks me I do not know. We have a large number of people who believe Obama is a Muslim in spite of huge evidence he is not. They proclaim we must get our Constitution back all the while maligning everyone in a single faith----Muslims, and being horrified in their belief the president is one of them. If they actually understood and believed in the Constitution they would know they are a huge part of the destruction of the Constitution in their blind ignorance. According to our constitution people can practice whatever faith they prefer or none, they are not supposed to have one particular one shoved down their throats, and if President Obama was Muslim it should not matter. Criticize President Obama for his policies, whatever his faith is or is not does not matter.
It is possible the Republicans were trying to reject the mistakes of the past and decided to dump Murkowski, but were lead to drink from the trough of stupidity in the process. The winner of the Republican primary is an assclown, plain and simple. He is clearly also controlled by the Secret Team, representing the corporate and theocratic, interests of this state and country. He is uninformed, has a corrupt agenda, wants the country to turn their backs on those who are out of work and as we have seen by the histrionic, bizarre complaint about a false incident at a polling place he is willing to lie to further the agenda of the Secret Team. Of course he is a damn lawyer or should I say lie-yer. He is Sarah Palin with a scruffy beard. Thank goodness he can’t fake a pregnancy.
Miller referred to Murkowski as a prostitute in a tweet accusing her of selling out her party values, then passed the buck for that tweet claiming a staffer wrote it. He is the protégé` of the biggest political, power, and money whore in the history of this country. He is backed by the same corrupt machinery that backs Palin, making him just another one of the girls cruising the streets of politics. This all just goes to show the sheeple will vote for whoever has the money to produce the ads to indoctrinate them sufficiently. Thanks, Supreme Court....imagine the future. They will now be busy memorizing the one line talking points to spew out during the election campaign, yet just like in the fall of 2008 they will have little understanding of the issues. They will be filled with indignant anger and fear, yet not know quite why. This is a result of the destruction of our education system and the control of our news media by the Secret Team and other special interests, essential tools for causing the collapse of our country. The only way our country will survive is if individual citizens take it upon themselves to do their own research to find the truth and spread it. This is why independent investigative journalists and bloggers are so important. Taking the time to inform yourself is the most important patriotic act any citizen can undertake. We should use our political system for the good of the whole, not for the good of the Secret Team of elites. Someone like Joe Miller who admits he wants to destroy the safety nets that keep people out of abject poverty is not on the side of the everyday people in Alaska, he is a team player for corporate, religious and power interests who benefit from a large population of poor and powerless people. People are backing candidates who go against their own interests, a type of insanity infecting a large segment of our population.

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