Do corporate puppets like Joe Miller and Alan Simpson understand that countries in Latin America working on building their infrastructure and growing their economies have added social security as a benefit to their people? Social security is one of the best protections for the economy and certainly ends up being cheaper in the long run than having masses of homeless people using expensive services because there is no support for them. This is why communities all over the world are finding ways to put homeless people into some kind of permanent living situation. The same is true of the disabled on social security. The unemployment insurance that Joe Miller has called unconstitutional also benefits the economy in exactly the same way as social security.
What do they propose to do with the disabled? Maybe like the Third Reich they can be among the first to be eliminated. Our society is increasingly becoming polarized, will they now create a line between the “fit” and “unfit” like the Nazis? Will the elderly and disabled become enemies of society because people who can't work for the corporations don't deserve life? The Third Reich called the disabled useless eaters and unworthy of life.
If masses of elderly and disabled people are living in poverty they can’t go to the grocery store to shop, pay rent, or buy anything else. If masses of elderly and disabled people are living in poverty huge increases in the number of calls for emergency services will result.  Increases in health problems will result in elderly and disabled in critical condition being admitted to hospitals in larger numbers. Poor people develop health problems to begin with due to poor living conditions and the inability to buy healthy food. Poverty also puts a huge amount of stress on people leading to depression, causing an increase in health problems as well. The rapid rise in obesity is due to the rapid rise in poverty and the inability to buy healthy food. Perhaps they are hoping the elderly and disabled will just die younger. This is the real Death Panel being put into action and a huge majority on President Obama's debt commission are for cutting social security.
Joe Miller and a lot of others in the Tea Party don't like the social systems of the United States, they want to tear down the middle class, the working people, along with the safety nets for disability, health care and retirement. If they don’t like this country there are many others they can migrate to. It seems anything that benefits the low to middle income population (most of us) is a problem for them and they seek to destroy it. The parasitic corporations have become so greedy they are now destroying their own life blood. A system like social security only works because they can pool huge amounts of money. State run social security type systems are a risky solution to retirement survival. The real thinking behind the elimination of social security is a benefit to the banking industry and insurance companies. Huge state administered retirement programs would make some people very rich, but are very risky to working people who could loose their retirement if something goes wrong with the economy or a particular corporation.
Like so many others on the far right and in the Tea Party Joe Miller has an elitist attitude about the poor and middle class. These elitists feel they are superior and deserve a very high standard of living while those they feel are below them don’t deserve what they have now. They scheme to take more away from the people of this country while giving themselves more. We have seen many examples of this, banks that were bailed out paid executives huge bonuses, Mayor Dan Sullivan in Anchorage Alaska wants pay cuts for union employees while considering an increase in pay for city executive employees. Let me also add that Mayor Sullivan’s arguments for this increase in executive city employee pay is clear elitist bullshit. Kenai Peninsula Borough Mayor Carey (I am not saying he is a Tea Bagger, just that the thinking here is similar) made this statement about pay raises he issued to his chief of staff, special assistant, and many others, "They are paid a professional wage...Those professional wages are relatively constant, even with the poor economy. I think these are absolutely appropriate." In other words he believes they are in the elite class so they do not have to make any sacrifices in a bad economy, in fact they each got $10,000 to $20,000 raises. The Tea Party followers and others with their warped agenda do not have our country’s best interest or the people’s best interest in mind, only the interests of their class, their party, their religion, their category of job, everyone else is considered expendable. Where is their humanity?
The leaders and those who finance the Tea Party movement hide their real interests which are about Theocracy for some and corporate money interests for others or even both. In their attempts to change the basic systems and principles of this country for their own benefit they are using a combination of religion and false patriotism to design propaganda to use as “the opiate of the people” to compel those who can’t think for themselves to follow them.

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Anonymous said...

They talk themselves into believing that they DESERVE more because they WORK more. As though the janitor WORKING HIS ASS off 50 hrs/wk somehow doesn't work hard, but the hedge fund manager SITTING ON HIS ASS all day deserves tens of millions.

They also make no accommodation for people who are just born with better skills for success: communication, ability to delay gratification, intelligence, etc. They think they really WORKED to get those, when in fact they WORKED to make them better, but some are born completely without the abilities to make those neuron connections.