Whew, hearing so much truth in such a short period of time like this just made chills run up and down my spine. This is in part a race issue because they have targeted blacks for harsh sentences, profiling, and prosecution. But, the whole story is they have gone after poor people and Democrats for political agendas and profit. Here in Alaska we have a high percentage of Alaskan Natives in the prisons. Those who have no political power and have to use public defenders are railroaded into taking pleas, only 5% of all indigent defendants get trials. Public defenders have essentially been made into an arm of the Attorney General's office in most states and they assist prosecutors in getting pleas by threats, lies, and tricks. Please note the Department of Law's new push to incarcerate more people for sending alcohol through the mail, that means native Alaskans. In some districts in this country the goal is to remove particular kinds of voters from the voting pool, Democrats. Another reason is to make money for corporations, provide jobs for a particular community, and get pay offs for legislators. Then there are retaliatory incarcerations which is what happened when I was wrongfully imprisoned. The Scott case is another case of a judge with a grudge and a political machine directing the judicial system  to take revenge and using these women as examples of what they will do to others who are outspoken. I am intimately familiar with that concept. There are thousands upon thousands of prisoners like the Scott sisters who are totally on their own without support.

The people organizing this demonstration have very consciously instructed people to be outspoken, but conduct themselves in a respectful way. Kind of anti-tea party, isn't it? Notice there is no hate on their signs.

Jamie and Gladys Scott are clearly innocent and even if they had been guilty the crime was the theft of $11 with no weapons or violence. They got double life sentences.

The prison systems feed inmates garbage in this country to keep the costs down, GMO corn products(shown in lab animals to cause liver and kidney disease), sugar, nitrated lunch meat, other unhealthy meats(hormones, antibiotics, animals fed GMO corn), etc. The inmates are also often put in solitary confinement and not allowed much exercise. Many end up having health problems because of this. Solitary conditions or segregation also cause mental illness, as if being incarcerated wrongfully wasn‘t enough. Then health care is denied, they go so far as to lie about diagnoses, basically the lies are that the health problem claimed by the inmate does not exist. Jamie Scott has diabetes which over a long period went untreated while they also denied her a proper diet. She now has renal failure and requires dialysis which is totally secondary to the diabetes. She is kept in horrible conditions, has had infections from the dialysis catheters, and a clotted off fistula that was surgically placed for dialysis. They placed a catheter in her groin area which is something that is normally avoided at all costs because of the high risk of infection in that area and usually only used for critical care patients who are immobilized with high levels of nursing staff. The lives and health of the family and significant others of the incarcerated are also negatively affected. Children grow up without parents and parents have health problems due to stress.

The Mississippi Department of Corrections claims this is all lies, just like the Alaska Department of Corrections claims what I said about my experience with wrongful imprisonment was lies. Interesting, nearly everything I said was found to be true by the ACLU investigation. The only areas they had no information about in the ACLU report were the areas the DOC would not let them into, the mental health units and segregation. There is a reason they would not them in those units.
"Check inside yourselves, let's move, let's move, let's move."

I disagree that Obama is just doing the work of the white people, he is doing the work of the corporations which is the opposite of the interests of the people. In light of crooked MMS practices a decision was made to open up more areas for off shore drilling, and the Coast Guard stood and gave us misinformation about the oil spill. If I knew there was a problem at MMS, Obama knew it. It is also why back door deals were made with the insurance industry and big Pharma. In his defense he was handed a big basket of chaos to deal with and it all can't be fixed over night. My question is what his definition of fixed is, some of his decisions point to continued support of some of the past corporate corruptions on many levels. I understand it is difficult to change a country ruled by corporate interests into a democracy over night, especially with the condition of our economy. Why have I not heard a word out of President Obama on the over incarceration in this country, the corruption in the judicial system, the complete dishonesty of much of the prosecutors, and the police state being created by law enforcement agencies? Part of the problem is our economy is based on a lot of the corruption created by corporations, including the so called "war on drugs".

Why this kind of demonstration for people who are innocent, have received harsh sentences, or for support of prisoners living in bad conditions is not going on all over this country escapes me. This has gone on for years and years and people mostly suffered in silence. I totally agree with one of the speakers, if this happens to part of us, it affects all of us. People in this country believe if someone is in prison they have to be guilty when this has been demonstrated over and over to not be true in every case. They believe the government when they tell them the prisoners are fed well and get medical care, when it is rarely true. People also seem to not care about the problems with the judicial system and prisons even in light of tons of evidence.

People are put in prison for reasons other than committing crimes, there are crooked judges, intimidated jurors, and worst of all prosecutors who lie, lie, and then lie some more. Then there is the news media who also make up untruths and demonize defendants forgetting they are innocent until proven guilty. I know in my case that happened and I also know where a great deal of the lies came from the news media used, the prosecutor. It also may have been via the judge's wife as her BFF is the editor of the paper in Nome, Ak.

The prisons lie about how inmates are treated, they tell the public they have policies that mandate that the inmates get the same medical care they would get outside the prison, but they don't actually go by that policy, it is just for show. Joe Schmidt, the commissioner of the departmet of corrections(appointed by  grifter and former half governor Sarah Palin, as well as her former boyfriend), made a statement after the ACLU report about the prison system  that there was nothing wrong with the health care in the prisons. My case should have been enough for a shakedown of their so called health care, instead they decided to say I was lying. Jamie's health problems were totally preventable with proper diet, exercise, reduction of stress, and appropriate health care. Without her mother and supporters Mississippi DOC would have let her die by now. We need to start standing behind those who are wrongfully incarcerated in this country. We need to make sure those who are rightfully incarcerated do not have their health damaged, mentally or physically while in the care of the state. We need to make sure the 8th amendment is fully enforced. We need to have some system put in place to review cases and free people who should not be incarcerated. Most important we need our legal system to be taken back from special interests. Real media would also help a lot. Here in Alaska the biggest newspaper, the Anchorage Daily News, tried to make the ACLU report sound like it was saying the Alaska prisons were better than the rest of the country when if they had read the report they would have known that was the opposite of what it said.


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