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Once again being out of touch with reality Sarah Palin makes a speech about mythical America. Apparently Sarah Palin thinks the main food growers in this country are small farmers. She displays her usual ignorance by not knowing that big food growing corporations pretty much have a monopoly and use genetically altered seeds with huge amounts of chemicals sprayed on them. Does she know these corporations have patented large amounts of our seeds and use these patents to attack small farmers and bankrupt them? Does she know this toxic food being produced is what is fueling our obesity epidemic, cancers, and many other health problems? No, because as usual she does not know what she is talking about. She seems to think all of the soldiers are from small towns, no, the pool from which they come is the poor and they are everywhere.

After my experiences of being under attack by people in a small town here in Alaska and some of the stories about other small towns in this state, including Wasilla it is clear there is a huge amount of evidence that some really bad people are being produced in them. "We grow good people in our small towns with honesty, sincerity, and dignity.." How about those Sarah gets to look the other way and not charge her children with crimes, are they the honest people? I know there are some brave people who have come forward in Wasilla, so we know there are some with courage there. How about a small town that produced a mayor who became governor who is such a dishonest person that she lies when the truth would serve her better? Why is it so many in rural Alaska have committed suicide,are chemically dependent, can't graduate from high school, and have so much fear of retaliation they won't even speak up about a loathsome creature such as Sarah Palin? Why is it there is so much violence against women in rural Alaska including the highest rate of rape in the country?

That "reality from Wasilla main street" includes lots of meth and oxy use, lots of small town meanness from people like Sarah Palin, closed mindedness, and a whole lot of ignorant. A lot of the same things go on in cities and of course there are a lot of really good people in small towns because there are good and bad people wherever you are, no matter the size of the city or town. The main difference is in small towns someone who has political power can harm people with less oversight and use their power to threaten people who want to expose their corrupt behavior. That is how someone like Sarah Palin learned to hone her sociopathy into a way to make a lot of money off the backs of the REAL people of United States of America. The REAL people are all of us including those poor souls who are duped by Palin’s charisma because they don’t read much or have a built in bull shit detector. All of us are harmed by her, those who believe her one line fear mongering divisive statements and those who have to deal with a hoard of ill informed angry people who work against fixing the problems in our country. Sarah Palin is a black hole sucking up the intellect, time, and energy of people who could be doing work towards progress, but instead have been entranced into believing myths.


Anonymous said...

I live in a county in NC with a "small town" mentality. It seems every family "name" is connected with every other family "name". A respected educator, an older PhD, but who won awards for his work in another state, and who is superintendent of our schools was recently fired after only a couple of years on the job because they didn't like his "approach" to education. I suspect he might have remarked that Texas school texts would not be used in this county.

The former school board chair here was an uneducated christisnist who allowed her 40-something year old criminal son to dump stolen goods (entire trailer loads) on her property, including stolen meats which she kept in a huge freezer.

These people are all connected, too, politically, and in the many evangy and fundy-type churches they politick in. And the people who move here on former farmland sold off to developers, are sick and tired of the cronyist political scene.

Anonymous said...

I lived in a small town of approximately 2,000 in Southeastern Kansas and know too well of the prejudice, corruption and disdain for education (primarily because if their children graduated high school and went to college, those children would not come back).

I remember people coming to my door, telling me that they had not seen our car move on Sundays and being told in front of my young daughter that I would be going to hell because we did not attend church. The town held a semi-annual "churching" event to ensure only Christians lived there.

That same town, though, had separate cemeteries for blacks, Catholics, and the "true Christians."

It also had one of the highest alcohol and child abuse rates in the state. Once each year, before a parade that drew the faithful from all over the region to celebrate the Books of the Bible, high school students were enlisted to go out and pick up beer cans from the gutters and yards. There were sometimes fist-fights as to who got the honor of playing Jesus in the parade. Small towns - oh, yeah, really great.

Only certain families held sway. There was intense competition amongst families to ensure their kids married into those families because if they did, both the kid and their family would benefit later.

Even the small newspaper had its content essentially dictated by a few prominent families. When the IRS started closing in on people who couldn't pay their taxes - the large land holders got their taxes reduced to pennies on the dollar while the "nobodies" got everything taken away from them and sold.

I now live near a large urban area and am so relieved that my family and I can live our lives as we see fit, worship (or not) where or when we want.

I think Sarah is lying to herself and to others when she glorifies small towns over medium to large towns. However, given that she could possibly be categorized as having come from one of the "elite" families, maybe, to her, small town life was all rosy-cozy.

She sure seemed to make sure that every bowed down to her once she became Mayor, didn't she? So, she was the Big Fish in a Small Town - not a bad role to play, I guess. It sure would explain her memory of small town life.