I have seen and taken care of people burned over 90% of their bodies, people shot up, horrible accidents, and seen many die before my eyes while I tried to save them. A doctor used to tell me I was a “tough old ICU nurse”, but this video made me throw up. It was the intentions of the people involved, they treated these people like they were nothing, and had a good time murdering them. This was not war, this was murder. This is the military of my country that did this, my country which is filled with lies from top to bottom and I just could not take anymore, so I threw up. This is not an unusual story, the only unusual thing is that a whistleblowing hero leaked the video. That is right a courageous hero. This person should be given a medal and the rest of these people should spend the rest of their lives in Leavenworth, but, oh, that won't happen because the military clearly sanctions these actions as they have happened over and over and our president does not want those who commit war crimes prosecuted. We were promised there would be changes under Obama, and unfortunately they are continuing to kill civilians. You can bet if this whistleblower were found out his or her life would be in danger.

This happened in 2007 and more of this has continued since. Karzai has begged them to stop it to no avail.

The Washington Post
Griff Witte on June 24th 2007
Afghan President Hamid Karzai chastised U.S. and NATO-led troops Saturday for their "careless operations" and accused them of killing more than 90 civilians in the past 10 days, as fresh reports emerged of more noncombatant deaths.

Using some of his strongest language yet against the foreign forces that occupy his country, Karzai asserted that "Afghan life is not cheap and it should not be treated as such."

I am thankful to Wikileaks for posting this video. Whoever leaked this video to them is a great patriot who is taking a huge risk. This is whistleblowing for humanitarian reasons. This is exactly what any person of conscience and courage would have done.The world has to be told about what is going on in Afghanistan. This video was from Iraq in 2007, but there has been a continuous stream of civilian deaths in Afghanistan. This is what our government does and it has been going on for decades in many countries. This is why they hate us in the middle east and also in some parts of Latin America. It would seem to me that any fool would know what they are doing would create more terrorism, so I have to wonder if that is not the mission so they can keep the war machine fed.

How could this be allowed to happen? There is no point in killing these people, no threat, no danger. If any of these men were armed it certainly would not be unusual or unwise to be armed in a war zone, but I saw no guns. What I thought I saw was a man with a very large lens on a camera and this was in the longer version which had no explanations. This version of the video explains two Reuters employees were killed. Are our military personnel just plain stupid, completely untrained(but why would anyone need training to know what was going on here or that shooting them was wrong?), or are they just using any excuse to kill people?

This is just like a video game to them, it's a bunch of boys just playing a game. They think it is funny, they are happy people are dead, and it is just fucking hilarious when the vehicle runs over a body. Why would they shoot up the van where two men are very clearly just trying to help a man who has been shot up, WHY? They got permission from higher up and then were so happy with themselves that they killed all those people. These are not real people to them. Those men that tried to help Saeed are heroes plain and simple and they pleaded for permission to shoot them.

President Obama has made grave errors on many levels, the killing of civilians has continued under his administration. The military has lied their asses off. They disgust me, all of them, I am disgusted with this country. They blamed the two heroic men for the children being shot. It should be clear to anyone who sees this video this country is being run by evil, pure human evil fueled by unbridled capitalism. It does not matter who the president is, the military-industrial-complex owns his ass, oh yea I almost forgot the insurance companies and big pharma do to. Then today we find out they have shot two men just because they had guns and wanted to protect their families, they were having a celebration of a birth of a baby. Of course they had guns, there is a war going on. They shot three women, two who were pregnant. This is what they call Democracy, killing the citizens of the country just because they have a gun. Then they dug out the bullets and the military formulated lies about it. American heroes in action. Despicable.


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