A clue of what the problems are at the board of nursing in Alaska stem from this story. Parnell tried to appoint a woman who runs a pro-life center to the board of nursing and the legislators voted her down. My story also involves some people with radical right wing religious beliefs. The day after I tried to implement my suicide plan at work due to PTSD from workplace bullying at Norton Sound Health Corporation in Nome I was called by Dorothy Fulton the executive director of the board of nursing at that time. She told me in Alaska no nurse in all the years she had that job had ever gone to jail, they all got three years of probation and went into an MOA program with the board of licensing. This in itself is way above what normally happens, you live in all but ten of the most backwards states. There is usually no arrest as nurses have psychological pressures, see things that are horrendous, are assaulted, and frequently get injuries that can all result in psychological trauma, most people just have no idea.

Most states would have made sure I got psychiatric care and made sure I was not working until I was safe to do so to protect the public. Certainly in a situation where the incident was due to psychological trauma caused by abuse from my employer I would not have been charged with crimes in most states, especially with NSHC which has a track record of destroying many lives. The fact that I was arrested and then the facts were embellished to cause even further charges does not seem to matter to any in charge of what goes on in this state. It did not even seem to concern them later when I was completely wrongfully arrested after I moved to Homer. The lack of enlightenment in Alaska is a great deal of the problem. Dorothy Fulton was an enlightened person and assured me she would be there for me every step of the way to testify at any hearings she was needed for. She had an understanding of what had gone on that lead up to the incident.

Not only did the serial bullies lie about what happened, they told the police I was not allowed to be admitted to the hospital, I was then bullied when I sought medical/psychiatric care, I was harassed by the police, I got death threats on my phone, a friend of the serial bullies who worked at the post office opened my mail, I had a drunk for a public defender, I had no income for seven months, I had a corrupt prosecutor who believed every lie he was told by the serial bullies, I had a bad judge, and none of the legislators I contacted had the cajones to even look into what was going on.

On top of all of this Dorothy Fulton who had already retired once and had been called back retired again and Nancy Sanders was now the executive director. She was immediately nasty to me. From what she said to me I am sure the serial bullies had given her false information which she believed as if she had been hypnotized by them the same as ADA Earthman in Nome. This is why the testimony of serial bullies in other countries is not allowed, they confabulate. Thus began her project of ignoring me, being snarky when I contacted her, lying to me about the requirements for the MOA, giving me false information in an effort to play games, offering no support at all, and she certainly was not around for any hearings. Her staff said she may not have been lying, the false information may have just been because she had no clue what she was doing.

Nurses are not treated like professionals in Alaska. There is no way the medical board would have not supported a doctor, they would have assisted them in any way. An attorney just goes to rehab when he or she has a problem with alcohol and then goes back to work. I guess they don't consider the lack of ability to provide a defense which results in a jail sentence a danger to society. Why is it nurses are not treated the same? Because most of us are women. It saddens me that Parnell would seek to use an appointee to the board of nursing to further his right wing radical agenda rather than appoint someone who would be supportive of nurses. What should we expect from a man who doesn't yet understand the reasons the federal government has regulations.

There is a huge problem with chemical dependency in Alaska with little treatment. With the rampant workplace bullying in the hospitals I would expect some horrendous situations to happen with nurses. Only the best are bullied. That means the state of Alaska is allowing the best nurses to be harmed until they have PTSD(which leads to high rates of chemical dependency, suicide, and murder/suicide), then allowing them to be charged with crimes, bullied further(making them sicker), and essentially removed from working as a nurse. I have some tests that need to be done and had to cancel them because right now I can’t go to a hospital, my PTSD triggers causing panic attacks. This leaves a core group of incompetent bullies in the hospitals, thus decreasing the quality of care. Even the nurses who are not targeted for bullying are affected by observing it and if they choose to stay in these kinds of situations have difficulty functioning which affects the quality of care.
Nurse rejected for Alaska Board of Nursing

by Chris Eshleman
JUNEAU — The Legislature on Friday rejected the pending appointment of a Fairbanks woman to the state Board of Nursing.

Gov. Sean Parnell had appointed Nancy Bienvenue to a four-year seat on the board.

Opponents questioned the qualifications of Bienvenue, saying she had been out of clinical practice for years. Her supporters said concerns were overblown.

“She’s an R.N. here in the state of Alaska. She meets the qualifications,” said Rep. Tammie Wilson, R-North Pole.

From what I saw in Nome being an R.N. in Alaska can mean you are completely incompetent.

Bienvenue is executive director of Care Net Pregnancy Center of the Tanana Valley. She told the Daily News-Miner in 2008 that the nonprofit center is a faith-based organization that helps women cope with unplanned pregnancies. She said last year that the center was started in 1990 as the Crisis Pregnancy Outpost by a group of area Christians concerned about the prevalence of abortions and later linked up with a national Christian pregnancy program and changed its name.

The vote was 24-34 in a joint session of the House and Senate. The Interior delegation split along party lines, with Republicans voting yes and Democrats no.

Parnell criticized the Legislature’s vote, saying the group treated Bienvenue like “a political football” in injecting abortion into Friday’s floor debate.

No Parnell, YOU treated Bienvenue like "a political football". Parnell is using the Sarah Palin two part criteria for picking state appointees. First it is essential the appointee have radical right religious beliefs and also too  will do anything the governor requests, even if it is unethical or illegal. How stupid do you think people are?

“I am grateful, however, that she offered her service, and I will again appoint a qualified person to that position,” Parnell said in a statement.

I don't think anyone is counting on that happening.


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Thank you, Celia. Just hope and pray the people of Alaska will wake up soon and vote these goons out of office. Just say NO to these Palinista's!

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