We had to endure the GWB administration in which torture was made legal, big business took over our country, prosecutors were encouraged to commit malfeasance, the banks were allowed to destroy our economy, and we lost a significant amount of our civil rights. Did those on the left and in the center try and start a civil war? No, we used information, protests, systems of communication, and then our votes. We are in more danger in this country from ignorant white people than any terrorists from the middle east and that is clear. Why are they picking the Obama administration to cry tyrannical government after they remained silent about our country nearly being destoryed under George W. Bush? It defies logic.

This healthcare bill was not the one I wanted because I wanted universal healthcare of some kind, but it is better to have more people insured and more restrictions on the insurance companies even if the bill was catered to them. I am also very unhappy about the loss of women's rights. However, it would never occur to me to go out and destroy property or threaten violence because I disagree. I choose to take hope from the positive aspects of the bill and pray they pass more legislation before the bad aspects cause too much trouble. The really ironic thing is the bill was watered down for the far right and they are unable to comprehend compromise. There are a lot of people in this country, we can't always have everything we want. Most of us learned that lesson when we were toddlers.

DA Michael Green in Monroe County Alabama where Vanderboegh lives said he is looking into the situation, but says a blog post can't be used to charge him.

Here is what Mr. Vanderboegh says about being on that "collectivist" social security disability on his blog:

"Look, Mike," he told me, "what is the prime method by which guerrillas handle logistics?" "They take them from the enemy." "Right," he said, "so what is so very wrong with living off the substance of the tyrannical government you oppose? Especially since it is your money to begin with?"

Mike, if you  are incarcerated for more than thirty days they will stop your social security and your wife won't be able to pay the bills.

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Celia Harrison said...

Tyroanee said...
How very very true... nothing more crazy than an armed uneducated white person.
Come to think of it when Bush stole the election the second time around, I didn't even think about reachin' for a gun, or a rock, brick etc.
But I did leave the country for awhile just to clear my head from the dark cloud we had been dealt.

But then I accidentally deleted instead of publishing it. Sorry. I had plans to leave the country when Bush got elected the second time. I was looking for jobs in Austrailia and the U.K., then I decided to go to Alaska, which ended up being the biggest mistake of my life.