He's not the only one who is upset. It's like watching a train running towards a disaster and you can't get anyone on the train to listen to the emergency message you keep sending them.


This makes me very angry. They don't want to punish Wall Street? After what I have been through for doing something when I had a psychotic break from psychological torture and then later being wrongfully arrested and imprisoned against no evidence I can't believe people who schemed to rip off millions from the U.S. tax payers resulting in a crash of our economy, the loss of people's life savings, foreclosure of their homes, the loss of jobs, and high increase in bankruptcies, are going to go unpunished. Justice tempered with mercy for them and harsh sentences resulting in the destruction of lives for the regular people. They get to keep the money they stole from us, they get to keep their jobs, they get to keep directing our economy, Truthiness justice is the American way. AHHHHHH!

Having insurance does not guarantee your healthcare will be paid with this healthcare bill they are hell bent to pass. The insurance companies will still be finding loop holes and increasing premiums. Congress should wait and work on a decent bill because this one has four years before they will be barred from denying people for preexisting conditions anyway, except for children. Many people will never be covered by this bill, ever because there is no public option. Remember they are making it a requirement that people buy health insurance. How many will die in that four years while paying for insurance that does not cover their health problems?

Update:Michael Moore on Dylan Ratigan Show.

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