Unless something goes very wrong I will be watching Michael Moore’s, Capitalism, A Love Story, this weekend and I have been looking forward to seeing it for months. Interesting how the right wants to control other people’s lives while yelling their heads off about federal regulations, isn’t it.?

The “three grinning idiots in the photo” mounted an attack on the people of the United States and basically robbed us, destroying financial regulations produced a financial catastrophe. They have done the same in other areas for profit, such as changing regulations so more people will end up incarcerated. They did this in part by using fear propaganda to convince people crime was going up when it was actually going down, by waging a so called “war on drugs”(which is lining the pockets of many), and misinformation about rehabilitation which has harmed thousands. There were more reasons than profit for doing this, but profit was the main goal. They walked on the backs of those who lost their homes, had their families destroyed, were wrongfully incarcerated, lost health care, and their health. Those who should have never been incarcerated have been affected for the rest of their lives, psychologically, economically, health wise, socially, and many have been rendered non-citizens. By pulling these scams they stole from the tax payers. The tax payers have to pay for more people in prisons, not only for the incarcerations, but for the damage done to those incarcerated which causes social disabilities that render former inmates non-productive.

They call everything that is for the benefit of the people socialism, because unbridled capitalism makes the few elites at the top very wealthy. They want to plant negative thoughts in the minds of those who know nothing about socialism because they don’t want their bank accounts to stop expanding. They do not care about their fellow man. Many in this group of elites are legislators or legislative lackeys of the wealthy elite. They in turn enlist the mindless and heartless who just repeat talking points to help them wage war against the everyday citizens. They are supposed to be working for the people, but are working for special interests, including their own bank accounts. When are we going to wake up in this country? This country is “for the people and by the people”, they twist such a mindset into being an evil thing, “for the people“ they claim to be socialist ideology. Citizens of the United States act as if they really don’t have all those rights our forefathers set out to give us and many have died for. A good living, education, health, freedom for all, were the goals. That is not socialism. I would argue that the best course for us to take in this country is a combining of the best parts of capitalism and socialism, as many countries have done successfully.

The citizens of those countries with socialistic healthcare systems are thrilled with their healthcare. While none of us wants the government to take over all of the businesses and means of production we know the government is best suited for maintaining and regulating many of our services such as schools, transportation, military, social services, and much more. Too, bad we can’t add healthcare for everyone to this list. The majority of us wanted universal healthcare and they blocked us from getting it. Now we have a crappy healthcare reform bill which may not even pass. Many are so angry about it that they just can’t hear any more of the sad news or wish the whole thing would fail. Pretty much everyone wanted financial reform and they gave them our tax money and did not fix the problems that caused the melt down to begin with. We could be looking at even worse financial problems in the future without changes. The bloggosphere has little to say about any of this right now because everyone is so disgusted and sad.

Some of the arguments against capitalism are it unfairly concentrates power and wealth among a small segment of society that controls capital and gains it’s wealth through exploitation, it creates an unequal society, and does not provide equal opportunities to every citizen. I think this pretty much describes the problems we are having in this country with our deregulated capitalistic economics. In fact, the manipulations that have gone on have created a larger class of poor while decreasing the middle class. Those at the top have concentrated a huge amount of the wealth of our country for themselves. There are many types of socialism, but the basic definition is simply the control of the means of production by the workers. In other words a socialist system can operate independent of the government. If a group of people get together and form a food cooperative and all of them share the control of the means of production, that is a form of socialism. It has only been recently that socialism has been perverted by the gluttonous capitalists who see their profits getting smaller when people work together to help each other have a better life. So, calling government assistance programs socialism makes no sense using the older or newer definition of socialism because those receiving the benefits are not controlling the means of production, if they were they would not be needed help now would they?


AKjah said...

Celia. I to will receive this video in a few days. But not that i will learn something new. Reading every day about what is happening has made me, for lack of a better definition, sad. I hold scant hope for the future of the human race. Seems now most are on a race to the end.

Celia Harrison said...

AKjah, I know what you mean. We live during a time in this country that is very difficult. I am also sad about our future. I know that everytime mankind has had an advance in communication there has been upheaval in society. I hope we can eventually find an equalibrium. The really disheartening thing is the lack of ethics in the corporations and with a great deal of legislators, along with the lack of caring about other people.