No, this is not from The Onion, it appears to be a true story. It is so hillarious I had to share it, but it is not for those with virgin eyes.

German Firm Wins Right to Make Beer Called 'F***ing Hell'

The EU's trademarks authority has permitted a German firm to brew beer and produce clothing under the name "F***ing Hell". It may be an expletive in English, but in German it could refer to a light ale -- Hell -- from the Austrian town of F***ing. Whether it will be brewed there is another question.

The European Union trademarks authority has permitted a German firm to register the brand name "F***ing Hell" for a new beer, much to the irritation of the Austrian village of F***ing.

In English, the term "F***ing Hell" is just an expletive used to express irritation or surprise. In German, it could refer to a light ale from F***ing in Upper Austria, because "Hell" is a term for light ale in southern Germany and Austria.

The problem is that F***ing has no brewery, and the town's mayor, Franz Meindl, is not aware of any plans to build one there, Austrian public broadcaster ORF reported on its Web site.

In other words there is no f***ing brewery.

It is likely to heighten F***ing's fame, which is something Meindl, the town's mayor, isn't happy about, given the trouble the name has caused it over the years. "Twelve or 13 town signs have been stolen. We've taken to fixing them with concrete, welding and rivets."

The Bavarian towns of Kissing and Petting have the same problem, as does the eastern German town of Pissing. But so far, there are no plans to name a beer after them.

More of this story and pictures of the sign for the town of F***ing.

By Rhodri Phillips From: The Sun

Brewery spokesman Stefan Fellenberg said: "In German the word for a lager beer is a Helles Beer, so we have also patented the name F**king Hell, which means lager from F**king of course.

"I don't understand why the patents office think of something else. They must have dirty minds."

Under one of the signs for the town of f***ing is another sign that says, Bitte — nicht so schnell! or Please not so fast.

All alterations of the word f***ing added by me.


wakeUpAmerica said...

I can find no evidence that these cities exist. Do you have a link?

Celia Harrison said...

The best way to verify if a town exists is to go to google maps and type it in, http://maps.google.com/maps?ie=UTF-8&hl=en&tab=wl

Proof is found easily with an internet search.