Wow, what an uplifting story, something I think everyone can agree we need with all the depressing news we get in this country. These were the kind of businesses we used to have in this country. The owners believed they would not have been a success without their employees, so they believed they should treat them fairly. When my dad was young people were proud of a company that treated them well and were very loyal to them. Now workers are treated like throwaways on every level up to professionals. There are still good people in the world, we just don't notice them because they are not drawing attention to themselves. I would really like to hear about more of them. I am so happy to have come across this story. Bob Moore is a shining example and puts all of the unethical, money grubbing, people-using corporations in this country to shame.

For those who have never used these products, they are fabulous. They grind whole grains with stone which does not produce heat so the flours retain more nutrients. They also do not use genetically altered grains. I have a feeling they will be getting a lot more customers. This company helps those with special dietary needs find food they can tolerate and helps others eat very high quality and healthy grains. With all the companies out there filling our food with hormones, pesticides, and adding some form of genetically altered corn to an unbelievable number of food products Bob Moore just helped insure one of the few companies we can trust with our health will stay in business. Thank you Bob Moore for being an example for other businesses and thank you for being a role model for all of us.

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