One use for the strange Facebook comments about insignificant events to create controversy by Sarah Palin is the diversion of attention from something she wants the news media and public to ignore. She posts something on facebook to stir things up and everyone just as if they are hypnotized follows along with her plan. It's almost as if she is using some kind of dark and evil magic. It's the Voodoo of speech writers and right wing ideology used to spin lies while cloaking the truth, the darkest kind of magic.

From HuffPo:
But it's hard to ignore the fact that making hay out of "controversies" like these is her political trademark, regardless of whether there is a personal tie to the matter.

Of course those liberal activists don't need the likes of Sarah Palin defending themselves from Rahm Emanuel's claims that their actions are "f--king retarded" and how many times have we called him a F--king a--hole. F*--king retarded is an expression from Chicago. Where my ex-husband is from they call people who do stupid things AJs, short for adjustos. My relatives from the south would say of a person who did something dumb, "Mama, he's stupid", "You don't have the brains God gave a billy goat", or "He wouldn't have the sense to pour P*ss out of a boot". We do have reports of Sarah Palin referring to her own "son" as being retarded, so one would think she would avoid this subject, but no they were desperate for a media smokescreen and were grasping at straws. The thing Palin fails to understand is none of these expressions actually has anything to do with developmentally disabled people. Many developmentally disabled people are actually intellectually gifted. A friend who is a brilliant wordsmith and has fetal alcohol syndrome came up with the name for my blog in about two seconds. These expressions are about people of normal intellect who may or may not have developmental disabilities who do dumb things. If these people had intellectual disabilities Rahm would have never used that expression, unlike Sarah is reported to have done with her "son". They are not intended to be a "slur on all God's children with cognitive and developmental disabilities - and the people who love them." But, Palin knows this, she was just happy this information from a while back came up so she could have her writers use it for cover. I have a developmental disability and I am insulted that Sarah Palin thinks we are all intellectually impaired. Sarah, kiss my Aspergers. I demand an immediate apology. "Are You Capable of Decency", Sarah Palin? I am calling for Farce News to fire you immediately.

From the L.A. Times:

Did White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel commit "a slur on all God's children with cognitive and developmental disabilities" by calling the tactics adopted by some dissident liberal Democrats "[expletive] retarded"?

Sarah Palin thinks so (and blogs so), and also thinks Emanuel should be cashiered by President Obama for uttering a word comparable in outrageousness to the N-word. Emanuel has apologized.
Politically speaking, Emanuel should have done so, even if he wasn't referring to retarded people, let alone retarded children, and even though he was spouting off in a closed-door meeting. But is "retarded" a hateful word? "Retard," yes, whether that schoolyard taunt is inflicted on a literally retarded child or a child with normal intelligence. But "retarded," which began life as a polite euphemism for "slow-witted" or "feebleminded," isn't usually thought of as a hateful epithet.
Or is it? I asked my journalism students at George Washington University whether the R word was offensive, and a few said yes -- but mostly because it was used to disparage people who were not retarded. (The analogy is calling something or someone you're mocking "gay" -- as in "school is so gay.") But is the word itself offensive?
Sociolinguists would say there is no "word itself"; society determines what words mean, and whether they are insulting. Fair enough, but in that case "intellectually challenged" or "developmentally disabled" also will become hateful terms. As I have observed before, euphemisms have a short shelf life. Next year Emanuel may be apologizing for calling superliberals "special."
-- Michael McGough

Compare what Rahm Emanuel said to what Rush Limbaugh said and Sarah Palin said nothing about it at all. This is evidence that this is not about the use of the word, but some other agenda. (BTW, many in the autism community think Keith Olberman has Aspergers. He has an over the top sense of justice and is always on the side of the underdog. He also obsesses, rants, knows lots of details, and is a nerd. Word is he is very uncoordinated, wacked his head on the subway, now has poor depth perception, and doesn't trust himself to drive. He is supposed to have restless leg syndrome and Celiac disease which could be symptoms of autism or not.)

This woman who Olberman interviews is clearly only has the superficial view of Sarah Palin as she does not understand she is not complaining about his use of this word because she cares about her child. Sarah is an opportunist using this incident as cover and to stir up her followers. Remember the HHS scandal? The former "half governor"  knew people were not getting services and dying. She did nothing and the federal government had to step in to fix the situation so more people would not suffer and die. Sarah knew developmentally disabled, chemically dependent, and mentally ill people were homeless and living on the streets, not getting health care, and many were kept in the prisons in horrible conditions. I know this because I told her about it myself. She does not care about people with disabilities.

 Diana Palin was sentenced for some serious crimes and it is clear there is some judicial corruption behind it as she got an unusually light sentence for serious crimes. The evidence that the news media is coerced and manipulated by Sarah Palin is that they have been extremely mute on this story. More evidence of Palin's MSM manipulating is the huge interest that was created in the Sherry Johnston story. To anyone who understands how law enforcement operates in Alaska it is clear Sarah Palin must have had something to do with Sherry's arrest to begin with. Did Sarah's legal staff go on a campaign to stop the news media from demonizing Diana by garnering sympathy for a sick addict? If they fell for the story that she wanted them to lay off her sister in law because she cared about her they were fools. I suspect it was based on something else. Of course the revelation the revelation that SarahPac funds were used to purchase Sarah's own books is the main reason for the camouflage story.

Jeanne Devon reveals another Palin scandal on her blog, cross posted at the Huffington Post about very unethical non-payment of property tax for improvements. I absolutely love this story because Jeanne gets an envelope in the mail with surreptitious information and no return address. Besides the fun of receiving mysterious mail, this story serves as a lesson to those people who are afraid to come forward about Sarah Palin and family. Everyone understands how the fear of retaliation could stop people who would like to come forward. Sarah Palin has left a core of people she put in place throughout many government agencies including the current governor who can be used to exert whatever influence she demands. Inappropriate arrests can be made, court cases can be corrupted, jobs can be lost, opportunities can disappear, and the workings of government agencies can be manipulated. Information can be sent anonymously without any identifying characteristics left on them. To be extra careful you could even wear gloves to prevent fingerprints and mail it from a different postal location than your residence. Something at least partially verifiable works best. This is an opportunity to help not only Alaska, but the whole country by exposing her for what she is.


DEO said...

Must have been a slow FACEBOOK day for Sarah, the hypocritical grifter.

Flynn D said...

Excellent site.
Insightful and passionate writing.

Mrs. Palin is going to drown in a cesspit brimming with the accumulated drip, drip, drip of her own sorry-ass lies.