Oxfam reports they are distributing clean water to people in Haiti. This is very important, not just for hydration, but also to prevent microbial illness. It is fortunate from an infectious disease standpoint that it has not rained yet in Haiti. If it does the water can become contaminated from the dead bodies.

There are reports on looting which is ridiculous. Of course people are going to scrounge for food, water, and other needs like clothing. What other option do they have? It took a week to even get the aid distribution going. I do not think the dead people in the collapsed houses care and probably would have wanted their neighbors to get whatever they could to survive. There are reports of violence yet the people who are in the thick of things keep saying they have not seen any. These stories on MSM could be related to the private contractors who want to get private security gigs in Haiti. Bush and Clinton working on fund raising for Haiti is just so unbelievable, that I thought I might be dreaming I am living in George Orwell’s novel 1984. Then I remembered that I was, it isn’t a dream. Doublethink, doublethink. I wonder how Orwell would have felt about his book being used as a guide. My concern about how the people of Haiti will be exploited next have gone off the scale.


snowbilly said...

There's a series of hi-res photos of the devestation at The Way I See It.

DiAnne said...

I have found that many of those who report, have no idea what is happening...the basic reality of it all. Looting? These people are being resourceful. They know where the goods are. Does anyone think that if they were starving, thirsty or needed shelter that they would not seek out supplies if they were physically able? Especially as they are so graphically reminded, by the heaps of dead bodies, what the alternative is?