My reaction to Frank Schaeffer's bitter and bludgeoning post on Bradblog is John Pilger's speech about Brand Obama and the Empire. Schaeffer started this rant in March on the HuffPo aimed at the right and is now including the left who he flails his superior attitude at. Those disgustingly intellectual "leftys" are just not buying the Obama party line, damn all of them. Is Frank going to write a letter from Jesus to try and shame all of us like he did the rebiblican right? Frank used to be an evangelical and thinks he has changed a lot, he still uses the same religious shaming, name calling, and righteous indignation he learned from them. This is similar to being a dry drunk. Frank says he left his past behind, but is really a dry evangelical. The problem is Frank is way behind us in evolution of reality and I believe his accusations that we can't see reality are projections of his own inability to do so. The left was where he is now last March when he ranted at the right.

Some of us have broken the hypnotic state we were in and are able to examine the facts. Reality is setting in. Those who have been paying attention and are not in a trance can see Obama does not seem to be adding up, something is not quite right. We are very sad and disappointed having looked for hope in everything he did and said for a long time. We even ignored or denied what we saw which gave us a sick feeling on the inside. What is wrong is he was marketed to the left because they knew we would buy him which would allow the powers in this country to continue the same policies which have just been rearranged into a different pattern so we would not notice. Take the healthcare reform bill for instance or justice, he wants no prosecution of the Bush regime for torture while asking judges to sway their decisions his way, but we get some prosecutions of prisons guards here for abuse of prisoners. It is a tiny piece of justice while the gulags sit full of people who should not be incarcerated and Obama does not talk about that.  This new pattern causes the same results we have gotten in the past, but we are supposed to think it is new and we have all been saved. Knowing that Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter are affiliated with The Family I have asked many times and in many ways, is Barack Obama a member too? My questions started several months ago. I know it is heretical to not be a sheeple, but I was born this way.

John Pilger delivered this speech last summer. He knew what was going on way before Obama was elected.

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