Having a PTSD day

I have Been working on some things that have really triggered me. If the PTSD gets bad the CFIDS relapses, so I am looking for peace and beauty and will be better centered soon.

Preservation Hall Hot 4, St.James Infirmary


ella said...

Celia - May you find peace. Focus on what matters, take a break if you have to. Thank you for your blog - people care.

Celia Harrison said...

Thank you Ella, this happens every now and then with PTSD. It has been creeping up on me for several days. I have learned to recognize it before it gets bad. There is a week long program at Providence Hosptial in Anchorage I was in last summer where I learned to look at my "nurturing needs" when it flares up. Right now I have a lot of peace in my life which helps immensely. I feel much better this morning.