Every time I hear Alan Grayson speak two words come to mind Chutzpah and Cajones', something we rarely see in a politician anymore. These two words also remind me of a New Mexico corruption incident when I lived there for a few months which was a few months too long several years ago. There was a lot of drug trafficking going through the town. Just one of the problems there is the police were the drug dealers, some of them were drinking with underage girls and sleeping with high school girls. I actually had a police car parked in front on my house out of which they were clearly selling drugs one night. I should just write a post about what is going on down there someday. It is truly wacked.  I was harassed by the police because I went to the police chief to complain about these problems as well as calling the FBI, governor, and senators. They did nothing. The main thing the police did was give me bogus traffic tickets every time they saw me driving in retaliation. I would then request a hearing and tell the judge the tickets were bogus. The judge was totally on the side of the police no matter what the evidence was. One day I was frustrated and pissed off at the judge's blindness and asked him if there were any attorneys in the town with Chutzpah which I pronounced khoot-spuh. He said he did not know what I was saying. I thought OK he's Hispanic he'll know this one, so I asked the question with the word Cajones'. He goes, Oh, you mean Chutz-pah, pronouncing the ch like I was an idiot for pronouncing it the way I did. Of course I explained the C was silent, but he continued to tell me I was wrong. I then said, "There aren't very many Jewish people in New Mexico are there?"

Like this judge who knew less about pronouncing the word chutzpah than most of the population of this country, yet thought I was an idiot when I pronounced it properly our legislators are off the mark when it comes to defining what the American people are expecting from them. The definition of health care reform we voted for is not the same one most of them are working towards. Many groups like The Mad As Hell Doctors were barred from meetings with the white house and those writing the bills.  We were promised change not a continuation of the corporate give aways and public take aways. Instead the majority seem to be siding with those who caused the corruption, the very core of the original problem.

Congressman Alan Grayson walks right into The Situation Room and stands on the truth:

I love courage. "Amorphous nonsense" is a perfect description of the Republican "nattering nababs of negativity" aka "foot dragging, knuckle dragging neanderthals who think they can dictate policy to America by being stubborn" plan (and some are Democrats also) to assist big corporations to continue to pillage our health care system. We need to send a message to politicians that we want the honest truth, we want them to say what they think about it, we want action based on facts and we want it now. This goes both for democrats who have sat back and not spoken up about the republicans blocking progress.  Bi-partisan cooperation is a myth.  The republicans have remained silent about the direction their party has gone and allowed wackbards, like Sarah Palin to become their voice. What Alan Grayson has to say about Republicans is not like Joe Wilson calling President Obama a liar. That kind of thinking is illogical for the simple reason Joe Wilson lied and Alan Grayson is telling the truth. It is like Sarah Palin threatening to sue a blogger for saying she faked her pregnancy with Trig. It will never happend because like Congressman Grayson said, "Truth is the absolute defense."

I can only hope the response Alan Grayson gets from the people in this country is a wake up call to the other politicians. If our legislators are so afraid of our problems they dare not speak them, how can we ever begin to solve them? Please contact your senators and representatives and share your feelings about having the truth spoken. Let’s support the truth by supporting Congressman Grayson. I have tried to call and leave him a message and his phones remain busy, try to contact him from his website.

I do not agree that he should apologize for the use of the word holocaust. He used “a holocaust” as opposed to “the Holocaust”, those are two totally different things. This is a holocaust, thousands of people are dying every year while we have had the truth hidden from us the whole time.

The definition of holocaust from dictionary.com:

1 : a sacrifice consumed by fire
2 : a thorough destruction involving extensive loss of life especially through fire
3 a often capitalized : the mass slaughter of European civilians and especially Jews by the Nazis during World War II —usually used with the b : a mass slaughter of people; especially : genocide

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