President Obama when will you get it? These guys are ruthless bastards who will keep taking from this country until there is nothing left. When will you understand that they have no conscience? Why are you not being heavy handed with them? The  pharmaceutical industry and the insurance industry are run by some of the greediest bastards in the world. They are hell bent to manipulate our country to their will, which is to acquire all the money and power they can get for themselves. People can loose their homes, die from or become addicted to bad drugs, big pharma doesn't care. They'll cover up the research data, pay a doctor to write an article in their favor, or even make up lies. Then they take that information and twist it into something that makes a harmful drug look like an amazing miracle. They make such high profits that they know when they are finally discovered and sued they will still have millions. The attorneys who file the class action lawsuits against them get one settlement which is distributed among the defendants. This system makes the entire amount big pharma has to pay a lot less than if each person harmed were allowed to sue. I think a company that intentionally sells a drug that harms people should be bankrupted and shut down for it. That would help stop a lot of the problems.

Why have you made deals with these insurance companies which have manipulated our health care so doctors and nurses aren't allowed to decide how to deliver the best care to patients? Your health care package includes legislature to control some of their evil practices, but really they should be removed from the picture entirely. Those who care about people should be the ones making the decisions the not soulless  corporations who have been raping this country for years. They have such a stronghold on our legislators that this will never happen. With HR 3200 we will continue to allow them to dictate our health care industry by telling us what they will and won't pay for.

They did not care that they impeded patient care, caused people to go bankrupt, denied health care, and increased premiums to the point that about half of the country is without health care. No, because all they care about is money and I am appalled that deals have been made with them and people who really want to overhaul our healthcare are not being listened to.

President Obama, get off the fence and start kicking some ass. You can't work with the right wing, it has been proven beyond a doubt. They are watering down the changes we need to make. You need to support the people who helped you win the election by following through with some of those promises you made, such as the one for single payer health care.  Remember that? Remember when you said you were going to have the negotiations for health care reform televised on CSPAN? Instead we got a back room deal that we only found out about because someone leaked the information. Slow down and think about what is happening with this health care bill. Talk to the people who deliver health care. Why do you think there is a shortage of doctors and nurses? You want to work with everyone and compromise, I understand that. The problem is you can't compromise with a shark, the only thing it understands is consuming and the only thing that repels it is pain.

This is something I can agree with Dr. Ron Paul on:

For decades the insurance industry has been lobbying for mandated coverage for everyone. Imagine if the cell phone industry or the cable TV industry received such a gift from government? If government were to fine individuals simply for not buying a corporation's product, it would be an incredible and completely unfair boon to that industry, at the expense of freedom and the free market. Yet this is what the current healthcare reform plans intend to do for the very powerful health insurance industry.

I would frankly rather pay higher taxes for health care for everyone than pay premiums to an insurance company.

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