I lived in Washington for 23 years When I read this morning that Glenn Beck used to live
in Puyallup Washington where I lived for a long time I almost threw up. Then when I read that Mayor Norris of Mt. Vernon invited him to receive the key to the city and had declared today Glenn Beck Day, I cracked up. He's from the tulip capital of Washington. It is such a beautiful town it is hard to believe Mt. Vernon could spawn the likes of him. You know they just don't seem very happy with their mayor now. Hmm.

John Beck also lived in Bellingham. Not to be outdone by neighbors to the south of him, Bellingham’s Mayor Dan Pike says he's offering a key to his city to Jon Stewart, host of Comedy Central's satirical news/comedy program "The Daily Show" and a classic left wing, anti-hero antidote to Beck’s right wing appeal

 Pike says if Mount Vernon can give native son Beck a key to the city, "perhaps Bellingham could provide a key to Mr. Stewart for the better reasons of providing cogent yet comedic analysis of news events and personalities." Sky Valley Chronicle. That would be so amazing if Jon Stewart would accept a key to the city of Bellingham. They should start some kind a a petition to send to Stewart.

There are a lot of really intelligent and compassinate people in Washington. I took these two statements from the Seattle Times article by Nick Perry and Susan Gilmore.

... he didn't remember politics being divisive growing up, and that if people now could just stop "tearing each other apart" there was a bright future for the country. 
Ah, Glenn, it's that sociopathic confabulation thing again. This is what you do for a living.

"It's the biggest demonstration of freedom of speech that's ever happened in Skagit County," said Glenn Bordner, a Mount Vernon resident for all of his 68 years. "That people should care about government this much is great. For them to get out, get involved and express their opinions on issues — that's what makes democracy function and that's what defines the USA."                             
Yes, it is and a statement like that makes me proud to be an American again. Reports varied as to whether the anti-Beck protestors were 2 to 1 or 3-4 to 1. There were people of all ages protesting. It has been said that the Tea-baggers are mostly older people.   There are quite a few representing age in this protest against the Tea-bagger ideology.
The NAACP statement said, "we cannot stand idly by while actions are taken which deliberately seek to stimulate the lowest impulses of human nature: using techniques of insult, intimidation, falsity, and fear. The Executive Committee of the Snohomish County Chapter has indicated its unanimous and strenuous objection to this ill-considered action.

President Janice R. Greene of the NAACP said, "'Holding him up in honor stimulates the worst impulses of  human nature and makes a mockery of our nation's values,' highlighting Beck's inflammatory July 28th remark that he believed President Obama to be a 'racist.'" Sky Valley Chronicle .

 While the protest was going on a plane flew overhead pulling a sign along behind it that read, "Change the lock."

There were some Beck supporters holding up signs, but the reports indicate they were few.

In seattle there were only 30 protesters. I wonder how many knew about his book signing there.


I applaud Mt. Vernon. They have the true American art of protest perfected. Clearly their views are well thought out. It is so refreshing to see signs not only with correct spelling, but big words. Thank you for being a good example for the rest of us Mt. Vernon. 

Andrew Ressa has hundreds of photos of the protesting on Flicker. They are all fabulous.

Read more at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/09/27/glenn-beck-accepts-key-to_n_301027.html


Anonymous said...

Lowed your post! Some of those signs are hilarious. I cracked up over "Teabagging is for Lovers".

How nice to see homemade signs with correctly spelled words.

Anonymous said...

nice job mt vernon...we all have to follow suit on this king baby who spews hate, incites violence, FAUX news is not news it is entertainment but those with no mind of their own consider this reality