On April 5th 2004 Ted Kennedy Spoke at the Brookings Institute. He was of course talking about the Bush administration. His words now ring truer than ever in 2009.

In our open society, it is essential to distinguish vigorous debate over honest differences of opinion from the repeated use of false and misleading arguments to persuade the American people. Integrity is the lifeblood of democracy. Deceit is a poison in its veins.

The most important principle in any representative democracy is for the people to trust their government. If our leaders violate that trust, then all our words of hope and opportunity and progress and justice ring false in the ears of our people and the wider world, and our goals will never be achieved.

When I got the word Ted Kennedy had died a short time ago I sat down and closed my eyes and began to cry. His loss which we all knew was coming has really hit me hard. I was surprised by this and then realized what he meant to me was that his life was an example of what America is truly about. He was not a perfect man who lived a perfect life. Ted was a man with issues in his life which he bravely overcame. He was a good man who deeply cared about the citizens of our country and worked hard to make changes to improve our lives. That is why he will be missed by so many. Don't worry Ted your beloved health care reform will happen.

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