A “dry drunk” is an alcoholic who has stopped drinking yet continues to behave alcoholically. Confabulation, denail, huge ego, anger issues, crying jags, and just plain crazy are not signs of a healthy psyche. What kind of an example of recovery is this? The kind that happens when someone is acting. I can imagine people sitting in front of their televisions with a drink in their hands making statements like, If this is what recovery does for people I think I’ll keep drinking. With the huge addiction problems we have in this country I am sick of this caricature of a dry drunk  being seen by millions as an example of what a person in recovery looks like. There is a possibility he is on prescription medication that is keeping the disease activated, but a mature example of recovery he is not. In this segment of his show where Glenn is “working his program”, on Fox, not the one in AA, he says, "Some of the principles I rediscovered and applied to my life are the founding principles of our country." What exactly is he referring to, AA? Our constitution was not based on the Oxford group. The twelve steps of AA are, largely based on Oxford Group principles. Our constitution is baseded on liberty and justice, two things he has worked to destroy. Why are you using your addiction to garner sympathy from your audience on a national news show? After occasionally seeing his strange behavior and hearing his delusional ideations I just have to say something. While I believe in honest discussion about being in recovery to help educate the public about a greatly misunderstood disease and even more misunderstood treatment he needs to just shut up about it. Crazy is not an attraction for people suffering from addiction. FOX news is harming the public by allowing a man who clearly is either mentally ill or on some substance to sit in front of a camera and portray that he is the picture of recovery. No wonder people are afraid to go to treatment.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your response. I think he needs to read the traditions. Anonomity at levels of press, radio and film, or something like that. I hope that people who have problems will seek to get more information. Maybe that is his purpose, to raise awareness and have people question recovery, what it is and what it is not. This is not recovery. Thanks, Pam

ella said...

I wonder if you can find Beck's e-mail and send your post directly to him. This morning, Glenn has been tweeting (with what sounds like threats). See his tweets here:

Georgia Eliot said...

good writing and you made me laugh and it's all true!