Update Below: Wait...I Thought Shawn Was Incomepetent...Shawn Files Motion To Compel Mandatory Production of Discovery In the Case of Mayor Holly Assaulting Him and False Charges Against Shawn.

Always remember all targets of the federal harassment programs are to be discredited, that is most easily accomplished by traumatizing them and using their normal reactions to get a paid off or compromised mental health professional to misdiagnose them. This is best accomplished in the courts, it happens in the community as well, by hiring known shady expert witnesses. The feds are passed masters at this process and have a network all over the country in many settings who do 5 minute misdiagnoses for profit. It's an underground human trafficking economy in the US, people are used as slaves for the profit of the sociopathics in place for the DOJ and other parts of the deep state to help manipulate targets.

Odd how competency works with the courts, Shawn is very competent on the level of the county courts, but in the federal system the opposite. The difference may be the level of cover up being so heavy at the top where all of Shawn's problems originate. If the defendant and his supporters are intelligent, able to connect dots, add 1+1 and get 2 their ten year operation to destroy a life is revealed. I already know about that since the same thing has and is happening to me. Asking for a competency eval stalls the whole process as well, getting the defendant into a psych facility can stall the process for years. I know after working in those kinds of units.

Offering a crap plea deal knowing the defendant's goal is the truth being exposed gets a known result, no way to the plea, then that sane response is turned into an excuse for a competency eval. That is SOP now with the federal courts, the DOJ, the FBI.

Why is it the news media will not cover this part of Shawn's story? Could it be the Fourth Estate now simply operates off the Mockingbird press releases when they report to work at their Orwellian corporate news jobs. The most interesting and relevant parts of the story are not told by news media, this means they are being controlled. Was it the promise of award presentations for repeating lies that have helped to silence you?

Shawn is truly amazing, but needs help from an outside lawyer, one with courage and intelligence. Contacting agencies and individual lawyer for assistance has resulted in mostly no responses. Guess the Constitution doesn't matter to the legal profession as a whole anymore. In Alaska when I was looking for help lawyers would tell me my case was too complicated for them. It wasn't complicated, but was connected to court corruption, federal corruption and the operations to suppress the Native people for access the oil and minerals and to silence them politically. Shawn's case has been made complex due to the years of layer upon layer of sociopathics who have joined the criminal operation against him to get something for themselves. 

Wild child Willow Palin.
Update: Levi's mother was not pushing drugs, she was hounded by a person using a phone her family had formerly let Bristol Palin use on their family plan to buy her own pain meds. She refused over a long period of time. She was about to lose her home. This was a set up, manipulating of her desperate situation. It was an Alaska FBI agent friend of the Palins who did this. Does that sound familiar to anyone? Here is a post from Jessie Griffin's old Immoral Minority blog which contains a great deal of very accurate Palin information. 

Anyone who believes the FBI, the USMS, the Department of Lawlessness (Attorney General office in Alaska) have pursued Shawn Christy and his parents for a decade because he and Willow Palin were sexting as teenagers isn't right in the head. There has to be more to this than two teenagers sexting. This was a decade ago, they have spent all this time trying to find a crime to charge Shawn Christy with, it makes no sense. But spending this time putting a network together to orchestrate set ups and a 3 month run in order to have him charged with many crimes would make sense considering what has happened. All of these people involved end up being connected to Sarah Palin, her administration as governor, friends and associates.

Was it Willow Palin sexting with with Shawn Christy or Sarah Palin? Why put so much effort into behavior of teenagers which is common from ten years ago?

Wait I thought Shawn was too incompetent to be able to file documents and such with the courts. Why is he continuing to do so considering the federal public defenders have filed to have him evaluated? Is this really about trying to declare him incompetent because it makes absolutely no sense at all? Is this instead stalling and searching for some psych issue, anything they can get a shady expert witness to manufacture to use for discrediting of Shawn Christy as is done so damn often with the courts?

Shawn is looking for any reports these people may have written on the incident where he was assaulted by former Mayor Holly in McAddo Pennsylvania. FBI agent Allen Jones, FBI agent Anne Kirkland, Deputy U.S. Marshal Rochele Liedike and PSP Trooper Andrew Watkins.

Shawn's most recent letter to his supporters. Like Craig Christy Shawn's dad said, once any lawyer got into the case and saw the corruption at the high levels they would be scared off. Who has courage anymore to fight the corrupt system? Most have joined them.

This is what Shawn says in the letter.

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