Karen and Craig Christy Discuss Recent Developments With Their Son Shawn Christy's Federal Charges, Very Strange Plea Offer, FBI Corruption, Sarah Palin and More.

As I was almost done with this post I notice a comment from Craig Christy. Interesting, what else have they put into evidence?

 Below is a screenshot from FB, pictures of people involved in past and current issues with his son's federal charges, set ups, propaganda, etc. It's been a decade of this. Why were two FBI agents from Alaska working in Pennsylvania? One of them began working on a case involving Shawn Christy that made no sense, a bogus sex crime, two teenagers sexting, but it is more like that one teenager and one adult were sexting.  She has since then moved to Pennsylvania and continues after all these years to work on the continuing set ups and manipulations of Shawn's life. Why would they do that? Who really sexted with him? Who has a history of retaliation, threats and destroying the lives of young men?

Part 1:

Below is what I thought of when Craig Christy described the "plea deal" offered to him by the prosecution. One from Column A, one from column B, one from column C. It took me a while to find this old comedy routine which is probably buried due to the racist implications, but the routine is actually saying something about white people or whoever the waiter is talking to, One from column A, two from column B. Buddy Hackett has passed away.

Part 2:

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